Damping instructions

Damping instructions for Sappax Tube Towels, open cut microfiber, purple

Product Moist Damp
Tube towel microfiber purple 33 cm 0.2 dl 0.35 dl
Tube towel microfiber purple 45 cm 0.3 dl 0.5 dl
Tube towel microfiber purple 55 cm 0.4 dl 0.65 dl
Tube towel microfiber purple 85 cm 0.6 dl *
Tube towel microfiber purple 105 cm 0.75 dl *
Tube towel microfiber purple 125 cm 0.9 dl *

Dampening instruction for Sappax Tube Towels, microfiber/polyester, wine and white

Product Moist Damp
Tube towel microfiber/polyester 33 cm 0.6 dl 0.9 dl
Tube towel microfiber/polyester 45 cm 0.8 dl 1.3 dl
Tube towel microfiber/polyester 55 cm 0.9 dl 1.5 dl
Tube towel microfiber/polyester 85 cm 1.4 dl 2.5 dl
Tube towel microfiber/polyester 105 cm 1.8 dl 3 dl
Tube towel microfiber/polyester 125 cm 2 dl 4 dl

Make tube towels rather too dry than too wet. If necessary, use a spray bottle to add moisture to stains.

Measure the amount of cleaning solution you need into the bucket, half on the bottom of the container and half on the tube towels. Fold the tube towels in the middle and place in the bucket the long side down. The moisture stabilizes in 15 minutes. Machine wash max. 95 ° C, remove loose debris before washing. Tumble drying allowed.

Dampening amounts are indicative. Liquid volume measured after spinning.

Instructional videos

How to place the Tube Towel

Hold the frame upright at pelvic level, the open end facing the floor.

Open the tube towel with one hand.

Use your thumb to support the frame in the upright position and pull the opened tube towel between the C spring and the frame. Pull the tube towel firmly into place.

Using the Tube Towel

After using the first part of the tube towel, lift the frame just enough so that the towel does not come off the floor.

Move the frame to the next clean position behind the used part, leaving the used part of the tube towel in front.

This way the used part of the towel stays in front of the frame all the time and ensures that the dust/dirt caught in the towel stays there.

This way you can use the tube towel as efficiently as possible, and the wiping result is of consistent quality.

Adjusting the length of the Telescope Handle

Adjust the Telescope Handle to the correct height.

Step on the C spring to hold it firmly in place.

Grasp the upper part firmly and turn your arm to the left to release the lock. Adjust the handle to the suitable height and turn your hand to the right to lock the handle.

Removing the Tube Towel

Hold the frame in your hand in a vertical position, grasp the clean part of the tube towel and push the frame towards the floor.

Standard methods of cleaning