Sappax’s products are achievements of Finnish craftsmanship. All our cleaning equipment is made in Finland. We have designed and either manufactured ourselves or have made, in our hometown of Salo, all the tools and machines used in our production.

We aim at providing our customers with a high-quality cleaning experience with a high-quality product, and the design of our products focuses on efficient usability. We want to offer our customers the best quality and therefore we check each product before it’s packed and sent to the customer.

When it’s not sensible to do something ourselves, we cooperate with the best professional subcontractors. Thus everything is done where the best expertise and knowhow is – and this is reflected in the quality of the products.

We believe that in the hands of these professionals the work is done with the same dedication as if they were doing it for themselves. We support local entrepreneurs by purchasing raw materials, and using subcontractors, as close as possible.

Because of our own production in Salo, and using other local manufacturers, our product family has the right to use the Key Flag symbol that demonstrates that the products have been manufactured in Finland.