Sappax – from generation to generation

Sappax is not just a company or a product. It is the passion, livelihood, and life work of one family, focusing around a cleaning product that is honed to perfection.

Aaro Heinonen

Aaro Heinonen was an innovative thinker. Throughout his career, he had a desire to always make better and better cleaning tools. Initially, the development of cleaning products started with a reflection on how to make a wet mop just suitably moist. The first version was a mop press with soft rolls. After that, every product Aaro developed has been better than its predecessor and was always aimed at better cleaning results.

Whereas Aaro was an ingenious inventor and brilliant product developer, his wife was a sales professional and knew the people in the cleaning industry. Their journey culminated in the founding of Sappax in 1995, and the launch of Sappax Multicleaner. Decades of experience materialized in this tool, which excels in efficiency, quality, versatility, and ergonomics.

The company has since passed down from one generation to the next, and gone through many twists and turns. The new generation has brought about a turn towards a more modern direction, but traditions are cherished, and Sappax cleaning equipment is still manufactured in Salo. The cleaning equipment has also retained the colours chosen by Aaro, with some new additions by the new generation. After all, Sappax Multicleaner is not only a first-class cleaning tool, it is a memory of the parents who founded the company, and their work.

The story of Sappax and the family are inextricably intertwined

The name Sappax already tells how important the family is to the company: the first five letters come from family members and the last x symbolizes the future. The name of Sappax is a living reminder of the history of the company.