Sappax for professional use

Sappax Multicleaner makes cleaning efficient and fast by simplifying the need for different tools into just one versatile tool.

Sappax Multicleaner can be used for washing and drying surfaces, sweeping, and waxing, so that almost everything can be done with one tool. Thanks to its design, Multicleaner is also  ergonomic, thus making the working days of cleaners easier.

Long service life

Sappax Multicleaner is designed to last for a long time. Special attention has been paid to the durability and quality of all the parts of the frame. The tube towels can be machine washed a huge number of times and they still stay good. The longevity of the products makes investing in Sappax profitable.

Professional training

Sappax professional equipment comes with comprehensive training in the use of the products and the benefits they provide. You’ll be sure to make the most of your new equipment.

Move towards more efficient cleaning with Sappax cleaning equipment!