Sappax Frame

35.00 105.00 

Sappax Frame can be used both for drying and sweeping, and with a tube towel for washing. The frame comes in six widths: 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, and 120 cm.

The 30 cm Multicleaner (Sappax Frame + Tube Towel + Telescope Handle) is best suited for cleaning tables and vertical surfaces, as well as narrow and low furniture, e.g. in kindergartens.

The 40 cm Multicleaner is great for the home, as it is handy in furnished spaces. It conveniently cleans e.g. baseboards and small toilets. You can store Multicleaner in the bathroom, where it acts as a dryer.

The 50 cm Multicleaner is the most common choice for professionals. Ergonomics, versatility and lightness guarantee efficient work. It is also suitable for larger spaces with few furniture.

Use the 80-100 cm Multicleaner for corridors, meeting rooms and other spaces with few furniture, e.g. changing rooms.

The 100-120 cm Multicleaner is optimal for wide corridors and lobby areas, gyms, and other open spaces. The wide 80-120 cm frames have their own tube towel attachment mechanism.

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